Friday, 10 June 2016

Call For Paintings! #SanskritAppreciationHour

Budding artists! This might be your big break. Members of the #SanskritAppreciationHour team are putting together a collection of stotras and ashtakas in a digital book.

We would like to embellish this with original artwork. Plates of Ganesh, Vishnu, Shiva, Surya and Ganga are required.

If you are looking to reach a wider audience, consider partnering with us. We are not able to compensate you at this stage, but the stotra-book will have a wide readership in India and abroad; your work will receive deserving recognition.

How it works:

Send us your plate (or plates) via email to

The artworks will be displayed on a website, under five (deity) categories.

People will be urged to visit the website, where they can vote for your artwork(s). We will ask our followers, you can ask friends and family!

The painting receiving the most number of votes in each category will be chosen for the stotra-book.

There will be 5 plates in all, finally.

Look forward to seeing some brilliant devotional art!

On behalf of #SanskritAppreciationHour,
Rohini Bakshi

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Saurav said...

Plz do not forget to insert few simple Sanskrit words phrases or sentences between the paragraphs like nuggets in food for beginners like me. Even medicines are sugarcoated.