Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sanskrit Appreciation Hour on Twitter invites Guest Lecturers

Sanskrit Appreciation Hour has fast become the definitive platform to appreciate, learn and teach Sanskrit on Twitter. In just a year, the platform has attracted over 3,300 followers without any publicity or media coverage. Purely by word of mouth. 

Focusing exclusively on language learning, Sanskrit Hour aims to give a leg up to any one who wants to learn, or refresh their knowledge Sanskrit. It also helps aspiring teachers reach the largest Sanskrit focused audience on Twitter, which includes enthusiasts as well as experts. In the last couple of months, five outstanding Sanskritists have joined the teaching ranks, enriching the platform greatly. You too can be part of this process.

If you want to help people learn Sanskrit, you can volunteer to be a 'Guest Lecturer' and take a regular slot, or do it on an ad hoc basis. You are completely free to chose content but there are certain guidelines:

  • You must be able to answer grammatical and lexical queries to the satisfaction of the student 
  • Demonstrate an ability to be inclusive, and attract diverse audiences
  • Share material (text and tweets) with me at least 48 hours before the session
  • Follow pedagogic practices which are innate to Sanskrit Appreciation Hour. (However I'm open to suggestions to improve the platform)
  • NO political messages during the hour 
  • During the session, your personal beliefs remain exactly that - personal. Nothing must supersede teaching Sanskrit.

  • If you are interested, get in touch with me via my Twitter handle @RohiniBakshi or leave a comment on this blog with your Twitter handle or email address.



    Unknown said...

    Mam,I want to Volunteer as a 'Guest Lecturer ' on Maaheshwari-Sootra Topic as i feel it is the basis of Grammar and Entire Sanskrit-Literature.It was the most interesting topic for me in twitter handle is @ChampakChampion . Thank You

    Unknown said...

    Is word Men derived from 'Manu rishi'?
    tweet pureretail

    राहुल देव Rahul Dev said...

    I commend you for this great initiative. Bravo. And best wishes.
    आपको भरपूर साधुवाद इस पहल के लिए। और जबर्दस्त सफलता की शुभकामनाएं।