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Meet Dr. Baldevanand Sagar

Dr. Baldevanand Sagar


Promoting Sanskrit and Cultural fabric in our daily life through mass-media. To gain knowledge while working for an organization that values and aims at promoting aforesaid issues.


40 years of experience in broadcasting Sanskrit-news on All India Radio and 10 years in Doordarshan. Teaching diction, presentation and soft-skills in the capacity of visiting-faculty at National School of Drama, New Delhi and Asian Academy of Films and Television, NOIDA.  Ex.Director of Kalidas Sanskrit Academy, Ujjain

Contribution in the various fields:  
Has done translations, written scripts and broadcast programs in Sanskrit, English, Gujarati, and Hindi for audio visual media.
Has written scripts and voice over of more than 10 Video programs of 80-minutes duration for T-series in Hindi.
Had active participation in Sanskrit-play production “Tridhaaraa” of National School of Drama, New Delhi.
One of the plays of Tridhaaraa- “Abhijnaanshakuntalam” of Kalidas was performed more than once in different cities of Srilanka on the invitation of cultural ministry of Srilanka.
Presented Kalidas’s Vikramorvashiyam on inauguration-day of Kalidas Samaroh, Ujjain in 1990.It was highly appreciated by the then President of India, Honourable Mr. R. Venkataraman and august audience.

Interviewed religious leaders like Morari Bapu and Shri Shudhanshuji in Hindi for Zee T.V.

Took interviews in the series “The Great Masters” on Doordarshan.

 Has lent voice to more than 400 Audio Cassettes for National Institute for Visually Handicap, Dehradoon, Uttarakhand.

Script-writing of seventy-five episodes of TV-serial “Sanrakshan-Yoga” for PCRA, which was telecasted by Aastha and Sanskar channels. This Television-serial is on conservation of energy.

Produced, Directed and Acted in many classical Sanskrit-Hindi plays for Doordarshan and All India Radio.
Edited Books:- Brahmasutram, Dvadas-upanishad, Mahimnastotram, Svarnadehanjali (on life of Murari Bapu) .

Written and Published a Book:-  “Hamare Aasthadeep, Hamare Tirthadeva”, in Hindi.

Has written many research articles on topics related to Sanskrit linguistics, Indology, and Oriental studies, viz., -
  • “Use of Sanskrit in electronic media”;It was  presented for IGNCA and Loksabha-channel telecast it many times
  • “Sanskrit teaching through Dramatics” was presented for the teacher’s training programme of DPS [Dehli Public School]
  • “Development of Software related to Devanagari-script and other Indian Scripts”.This research-paper [ppt] was presented at B.L.Institute of Indology,Delhi
  • “Use of Sanskrit in day-to-day life”. This lecture was presented in Shankaracharya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Kalady, Kerala
  • A series of lectures related to the “Use of Modern Sanskrit” were presented in Trivendram,viz.,-Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda Medical College
  • 100+ Articles series on Niti-Vairagya-shataka of Bhartrihari; Fourteen+ article-series on the fourteen gems churned out of Samudramanthan; and over fifty articles on Six-systems of Indian Philosophy.
Has lent voice to audio Cd’s for Sita-Hanuman-Durga-Kalika-Bairav-Mahamritunjaya-Baglamukhi Sahasranam and Ardhanarisvara-Shatanama.

 Has attended many conferences and festivals viz.,
  • First National Conference on Knowledge Representation and Inference in Samskritam, Bangalore, 1986
  • Kalidas Samaroha, Ujjain, 1988-89-90-91-92 and 2005-06
  • All India Oriental Conference 1987(for official coverage of Culcutta session)
  • Presented research-papers in All India Oriental Conference’s Jammu-session, 2006 and Kurukshektra- session, 2008
  •   Waves conference in New Delhi, 2006
  • International Conference on Indian Culture and Modern Values in Kathamandu, Nepal
  •  Vedic Conference in Bankok, Thailand in 2000. It was organized by Hindu Samaj of Thailand
  • All India youth Talent Festival, Tirupati Sanskrit Vidyapeeth, Tirupati
  • All India Jayadevakavi Samaroh, Bhuvaneshwar
  • International Conference on Global Wisdom of Sanskrit Thinkers, Jaipur.
  • National convention of Sanskrit Patrakar, Shridham, Jabalpur by Kalidas Academy, Ujjain
  • Twenty days National Theatre Workshop at Shringeri, Karnataka

Has been on the panel of various organizations like-
·         Sanskrit Bharati (Delhi In-charge)
·         NCERT(Committee member of Audio-visual programs for Sanskrit)
·         Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Member of Informal education committee)
·         Was on the Advisory panel for cultural programs for the Ministry of Culture Madhya Pradesh  
Has taught underprivileged children at Kailash Vidhya Lok , Meharban Singh Ka Purba, Kanpur from 1972-74.


One year diploma in acting and direction from Sri Ram Center for Art and Culture, New Delhi in 1980.


Ph.D (Importance of hymns in Sanskaras)              (1999) 
Lal Bhadur Shastri Kendriya Sanskrit Vidya Peeth, Delhi
M.Phil (Poetic study of   Stutikusumanjali by Jagaddhar Bhatta)      (1979)
Delhi University

Post Graduation       (1977)
Hindu College, Delhi University

Shastri                      (1975)
Dr. Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi

Primary Education (Till 8th standard, 1957-64)
  Vallabhipur, Bhavanagar Dist., Gujarat

Was honored by Sanskrit-daily “Sudharma” of  Mysore.
Has been awarded the title of “Udghosana-Marmagya” by Vangmaya-Vimarsh, Delhi.
 Was awarded with “Tamra-patra and memento” by Indian Thinkers Society, Kanpur.  


v  Gujarati
v  Hindi
v  Sanskrit
v  English


v  Traveling.
v  Listening to classical music.
v  Reading and writing on varied topics (especially in the fields related to Sanskrit linguistics, Indology, and Oriental studies).


ashok raj said...

greatly impressed

ashok raj

David John said...

Your giving info is very nice and informative, thanks for sharing with us. To know more about Sanskrit language, you can contact “Dr Ramesh Mishra” a well educated and experienced Hindi & Sanskrit Home Tutor in Delhi, who definitely increases your knowledge about Hindi and Sanskrit.

KAMALAKSH 0945 said...

I am 75 years old.I am simply flabberghasted by yourteaching.Though I learnt samskrit for15 years during schooling nothing was taught from Panini which I learnt only 8 years ago in Aksharam.But your yeaching is simply not comparable.My namaskars . I am drinking your teachings like nectar.I am in chapter 6.Though I know many things I wish to simply follow your method

Dharmendra Gupta said...

I recently came to know about sanskrit teaching by Dr Sagar in 105 lessons on CEC site and I am going through it regularly.
I can not forget the sanskrit news on Akashwani in 1980 and 90s when I was a student and was fond of Radio.

A great scholar