Friday, 24 July 2015

Revise the past perfect with रामायण​ सुन्दरकाण्ड​ 10.54

Beginners, especially Hindi speakers, request you to pronounce the 'a' at the end of every 'a' ending word: cucumb-a, jagām-a, nanand-a, cikrīḍ-a etc.

Hanumān’s delight upon thinking that he has found the kidnapped Sitā:-

आस्फोटयाम् आस  चुचुम्ब पुच्छं ननन्द चिक्रीड जगौ  जगाम 
स्तम्भान् अरोहन् निपपात भूमौ  निदर्शयन् स्वां प्रकृतिं कपीनाम्

He struck [at his arms/chest with his hands], kissed his tail, rejoiced, sang, darted towards the pillars, shot up and jumped down to the ground, exhibiting/indicating his monkey-nature.

आस्फोटयामास - slapped, clapped; - 3rd person, sing, perfect  आ √स्फुट्
चुचुम्ब -kissed;  3rd person, sing, perfect √चुम्ब्  
ननन्द - rejoiced; 3rd person, sing, perfect √नन्द्
चिक्रीड -  frolicked, played; 3rd person, sing, perfect √क्रीड् 
जगौ  - sang; 3rd person, sing, perfect  √गै
जगाम -  went, darted; 3rd person, sing, perfect √गम्
स्तम्भान् pillars; masc, acc, pl.
अरोहत् climbed; 3rd person, sing, imperfect √रुह्
निपपात - jumped down; 3rd person, sing, perfect नि √पत्
भूमौ - to the ground; locative, fem, sing
निदर्शयन् -  indicating; causative, present participle नि दृश्
स्वाम् - his own pronoun, sing, agreeing with fem - prakṛti
कपीनाम् - belonging to, of monkeys, masc, genitive, plural
प्रकृतिम् - acc, fem, sing - nature.

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