Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Patañjali's yogasūtra 1:21 Intense desire for Samadhi

Having described the qualities or qualifications needed to bring about Samadhi in the two previous verses, 1:21 adds a qualifier. The speed with which one attains Samadhi depends on how intense the desire for it is. You could be anyone. Even a backpacker.



For those who desire it intensely, [Samadhi] is nearest

तीव्र+संवेगानाम् आसनः  

तीव्र - quick, fast, intense, ardent 

संवेगानाम् - of those who have intensity, desire for emancipation; genitive plural of संवेग masc. noun from  सम् + विज् . Here the genitive is functioning as a dative (for them)

आसनः obtained, set down; passive past participle from आस् (2A) If you're wondering why it has a visarga, it's because it refers to Samadhi, which is a masculine noun.

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Anonymous said...

Rohini -
This sutra is indeed sweet - it comes as a blessed assurance to those who know in their hearts the intensity of their desire that the bestowal they seek is destined - the sutra invites us to look back at qualities and qualificatiions and forward to discover what are the specific techniques available to us for our application. It is vivifyingly pivitol.
Thank you.