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Lokokti collection 1

One of the many sources of wise sayings

All the lokoktis I share are from Stenzler's Sanskrit Primer:
Translated into English by Dr. Renate Sohnen Thieme for SOAS students. 

Over the years she has found the sources of most of the sayings. It's an ongoing process!
If you have a problem with grammar please leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as possible. Some of the sources are abbreviated. If you want further detail, just leave a comment and I'll try to get it from Dr. RST, asap.

मुले हते  हतं सर्वम्
मुले हते This construction is called sati saptami or a locative absolute. It gives a sense of time: When the root is cut/destroyed/killed, everything (सर्वम्) is destroyed ( हतं)
Source: not identified as yet

अर्धं भार्या मनुष्यस्य 
Of the man (मनुष्यस्य) wife is [one] half
Source: part of Mahabharata 1.68.40 Poona ed.

न गर्दभो गायति शिक्षितो sपि
A donkey doesn't sing even if it is instructed/taught
Source: ShatrunjayamAhAtmya 2,186

वरं अद्य कपोतः श्वो मयूरात् 
Better a parrot today than a peacock tomorrow
Source: VAtsyAyana, KAmasUtra 1.2.23

वृत्तेन भवति आर्यः न धनेन न विद्यया 
By conduct one is Arya, not by wealth or knowledge
Source: not identified as yet

न वैद्यः प्रभुरायुषः 
The doctor is not the Lord [decision maker] of how long one lives
Source: Vallabhadeva, SubhAshitAvali, 2320

औषधं न गतायुषाम् 
Medicine is not for the dead lit. those whose life has gone
Source: unknown

स्त्रियो निसर्गाद् एव पण्डिताः 
Women are wise by nature
Source: MRicchakaTika act IV, verse 19

असन्तोषः श्रियो मूलम् 
Dissatisfaction is the root/source of prosperity
Source: MahAbhArata 2.50.18, Poona ed.

धर्मेण हीनाः पशुभिः समानाः 
[those] without dharma are akin to animals
Source: VRiddhacANakya, ed. Sternbach, 4.15

चाला लक्ष्मीः चालाः प्राणाः
Like and wealth are unstable
Source: SubhAshitAni 203

दरदुराः यत्र वक्ताः तत्र मौनं शोभनम् 
Where frogs are speakers, silence is beautiful [cf. Eng: Silence is golden]
Source: Neetiratna 11

न जलौकसाम् अङ्गे जलौकाः लगति
A leech doesn't attach itself to the body of other leeches
Source: DhUrtasamAgama 93.7


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