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BG 1.10-11 'A śloka a day' #SAH #SanskritGrammar

अपर्याप्तं तद् अस्माकं बलं भीष्माभिरक्षितम् |
पर्याप्तं त्व् इदम् एतेषां बलं भीमाभिरक्षितम् ||10||
अयनेषु च सर्वेषु यथाभागम् अवस्थिताः |
भीष्मम् एवाभिरक्षन्तु भवन्तः सर्व एव हि ||11||

aparyāptaṃ tad asmākaṃ balaṃ bhīṣmābhirakṣitam |
paryāptaṃ tv idam eteṣāṃ balaṃ bhīmābhirakṣitam ||10||
ayaneṣu ca sarveṣu yathābhāgam avasthitāḥ |
bhīṣmam evābhirakṣantu bhavantaḥ sarva eva hi ||11||

Unlimited is our force, guarded by Bhishma, insufficient though is the force guarded by Bheema;And each (one) stationed in [one's] respective place, all of you, protect Bhishma! 

अपर्याप्तम् - unbounded, unlimited (passive past participle pari√āp)
तद् this (masc, nom, sing)
अस्माकम् our (genitive, plural)
बलम् force, strength (neuter, nom, sing)
भीष्म (note no case ending in compound)
अभिरक्षितम् guarded, protected (masc, nom, sing, passive past participle abhi√rakṣ)
पर्याप्तम् sufficient, enough, match for (passive past participle pari√āp)
तु indeed, but
इदम् this
एतेषाम् of these (masc, genitive, plural)
बलम् strength, force (neuter, nom, sing)
भीमाभिरक्षितम्  protected by Bheema
अयनेषु in any other
सर्वेषु in all
यथाभागम् as per your share (adverb)
अवस्थिताः stationed, placed (masc, nom, plural, passive past participle ava√sthā)
भीष्मम्  [भीष्म को] (masc, accusative, sing)
एव only
अभिरक्षन्तु protect (3rd person, plural, imperative, abhi√rakṣ)
भवन्तः Your Lordships
सर्व all (sarve in sandhi. the ए of sarve is dropped before एव)
एव only
हि indeed

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