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Sāmaveda 1:6 Translation

त्वं नो अग्ने महोभिः पाहि विश्वस्या अरातेः उत द्विषो मर्त्यस्य (Sāmaveda 1:6)
Vigraha & Anvaya
त्वम् नः महोभिः पाहि अग्ने विश्वस्या अरातेः उत मर्त्यस्य द्विषः 
Agni, protect us with [through] your might, from all adversity/malignity [and] from the enmity/hatred of mortals.

अग्ने - vocative - addressing Agni
त्वम्  - you
नः - us (this is a short form for अस्मान् =हम को) 
महोभिः - ablative plural पञ्चमी विभक्ति बहुवचन of Might (महन् neuter noun)  = might or great deeds से*. The ablative has a sense of source =from, as a result of 
पाहि - protect (Imperative - You protect [us])
विश्वस्या - of the world/universe=all (feminine genitive singular adjective agreeing with अरातेः
अरातेः - from adversity/malignity (ablative singular of feminine noun अराति = adversity, malignity. Declines like शक्ति)
उत - and, even
मर्त्यस्य - of mortals (masculine, genitive, singular)
द्विषः - Enemies, hatred (nominative, plural of द्विष् m/n) 

* could also be ablative plural of मह (neuter noun meaning great deeds)

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