Saturday, 15 June 2013

Patañjali's yogasūtra 1:26

In this sūtra we continue to understand the nature of Īśvara in Patañjali's yoga system. 

स पूर्वेषामपि गुरुः कालेनानवच्छेदात् 

सः पूर्वेषां अपि गुरुः कालेन  अन्वच्छेदात् 

Being unconditioned by time, he is the teacher of the ancients

सः He Īśvara; nominative, masculine, singular.
पूर्वेषां of the ancients; genitive plural.
अपि also; indeclinable
गुरुः Teacher; nominative, masculine, singular.
कालेन  by time; instrumental singular.
न्वच्छेदात् [on account of] not being limited, not being conditioned; ablative singular अनु+अ +छिद् 

Coming next: Patañjali's yogasūtras 1:27-28 about the significance of  ॐ in the yoga system.

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