Saturday, 26 January 2013

Read and Revise: Dashratha's life carries on...

Even if you read for 5-10 minutes everyday, very soon it will become second nature. Please write in if you have any queries about specific sentences or grammatical construct.

We read elsewhere about the accidental killing in the forest of the young boy by King Daśaratha. The brahmin father of the dead boy curses the king, and immolates himself on his son's pyre. Daśaratha is understandably distraught:

Daśaratha hears the the words of the angry (kupita) brahmin. But in time, he forgets that curse. He lives in Ayodhyā happily (sukham) along with his wives and rules also. The happy king had only one sadness. (lit. of the happy king there is only one sadness). He has no son. Then along with brahmins, for a child, he does a yajña. Then in time, four sons are born (udbhavati). They are named ( nāmadheya) Rāmaḥ, Lakṣmaṇaḥ, Bharataḥ and Śatrughna. the sons of the king (pārthiva) are handsome, peaceful and brave. Of them, the eldest, Rāmaḥ is the most superior in good qualities. Therefore the king loves Rāmaḥ especially.

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