Monday, 28 January 2013

Building words from verbal roots: Primary Suffixes (कृत् प्रत्यय) 2

क्विप्, अ, , अन, अ:, ति, मन्, त्र,  तृ, अक  

सेव् (1A) to serve => सेवा (f) service 

कृत्  प्रत्यय  'आ'  

A number of roots for feminine action nouns with the suffix आ। For instance:

सेव् (1A) to serve => सेवा (f) service 
भाष् (1A) to speak => भाषा (f) speech, language
क्रीद् (1U)  to play => क्रीडा game, sport  
चिन्त्(10P) to think  => चिन्ता (f) thought, anxiety

वि+भूष् (1P) adorn  =>विभूषणम् ornament, adorning

कृत्  प्रत्यय  'अन' 

The suffix अन is one of the most important and productive suffixes. Like अ it forms action nouns freely from many roots, but unlike अ which forms mostly masculine nouns, this suffix forms mostly neuter nouns, a good way to recognise which is - the nominative singular will end in म् rather than a visarga. The root vowel often [but not always] takes गुण before it. 

गम् (1P) to go => गमनम् going 
हन् (2P) to kill => हनहम् killing 
दा (3P) to give => दानम्  giving, gift
भुज् (7P) to eat/enjoy => भोजनम् enjoyment, food
वद् (1P) to speak => वदनम् mouth, face 
वि+भूष् (1P) adorn  =>विभूषणम् ornament, adorning
स्था (1P) to stand  => स्थानम् place 
श्रु (5P) to hear  => श्रवणम् hearing
आस् (2A) to sit  => आसनम् seat, posture
वह् (1P) to carry  => वाहनम् carrying, mount, carriage


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