Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Patañjali's yogasūtra 1:16 Vairāgya

तत् परं पुरुषख्यातेर्गुणवैतृष्ण्यम्

tat param puruṣakhāterguṇavaitṛṣṇyam

Analysis of the sūtra:
तत् परम् [अस्ति, यत्] पुरुषस्य ख्यातेः गुणानाम् वैतृष्ण्यम्  

That is the highest [Vairāgya] where from the knowledge of puruṣa, there is freedom from the desire of [even] the guṇas.

तत् - That
परम् - highest
पुरुषस्य - of the Self, the spiritual element
ख्यातेः  - from the knowledge of; ablative singular of ख्याति fem. noun 
गुणानाम् - of the guṇas; genitive plural
वैतृष्ण्यम्  - freedom  from desires; indifference to; quenching of thirst

1:16 refers to what is called para-vairāgya which has been explained from a Bhakti perspective in Bhagvad Gita (BG 2:59)*. There are two levels of detachment - the lower, which involves cultivating detachment by suppressing desires. In the higher form of vairāgya, due to the perception, the knowledge of the spiritual principle, puruṣa, even the elements that constitute the material principle  prakṛiti hold no charm for the adept yogi. It stands to reason, since puruṣa is now 'known' or perceived, this form of vairāgya appears only on the attainment of Kaivalya. But more about that when we get to Kaivalya....

*Taimini translated BG 2:29 as "The objects of sense, but not the relish for them, turn away from an abstemious dweller in the body; and even relish turns away from his after the Supreme is seen."

You can see an alternate translation of BG 2:59 here: 


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I can just see this all adding up to the book. I believe it would be very useful for us to have it in our hands when it is done. Since you started your blog teaching Sanskrit no one who "want to learn Sanskrit" can now have an excuse for not starting out on the long journey. You are of inestimable value to such a person's quest.
Thank you.
can hardly wait (LOL) to get to kaivalya!

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